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so as you may or may not know I do look at porn every so often. See what’s new, learn new tricks, people do some out there things. Out of all the clips i have seen (they are gay only ^_^) the scripted ones are the hardest to watch. The acting is beyond awful. amateur porn > amateur acting. 

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November 15, 2011.


I was supposed to get my haircut today but my friend who usually cuts my hair is always busy now. Waaaaaah, oh well. So instead I went to this all you can eat Korean BBQ place with my friend Shay… even though I had just eaten dinner with my parents and it was a big dinner too. I don’t know how I ate so much at the Korean BBQ place. WHERE DOES THE FOOD GO?! 

gomen ..we will get ti next time ..btw ..i internet just started working lol

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DonnyDillyDallies.: September 14, 2011. →


I had to take a drug test for work today. Things I learned from this:

  • Peeing in a cup is weird.
  • Apparently people don’t know how to pee in cups ‘cause there was a sign in there explaining what to do.

After work, I had dinner with my best friend! It’s been too long since we’ve hung out with…

it was a good day … thank you :) 

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I am Shay Fran, Shay Mahou, or just Shay. I love Gaga, Japan, Parties, Socializing, Freedom of expression. No one should tell you you are not beautiful. be yourself. you only have one life in this life time so live it up.

I am currently in japan ...<3


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